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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Final Project: Jewellery bare, 2013.

Final Project. Title: Jewellery bare. Issues: Jewellery and ornament. Jewellery and status. Ornamentation the naked: Walking between opulence and recharging the Rococo to the simplicity and geometry of Minimalism, check that there are large differences, but together we find a form of expression as provocative and sensual, as simple and bold for visual perception of the term ornamentation. orror: Inspired by contrast the Rococo and Minimalism, as on a flat surface creating a contrast between a frame ornamental geometric and organic forms, repeated and declining, we can feel a sense of perspective and depth optics without volumes. No. 1: The elegance, beauty, brightness, reflection, simplicity, impact, provocation, who will say, are so strong aspects in a society like the sound of a bullet after shooting himself with a gun. No. 5: Gold, silver and copper are the three main materials of jewelry, but materials are as diverse as their economic value, thus the union of them hidden in a box with the ability to display or stands apart not only in one personal value, but at a level authoritarian own carrier of choice within a society.

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